virgin-mary-and-the-kingdom-of-the-divine-willJesus made Mary the “Queen and Mother of the Kingdom of the Divine Will”. Mary was the third person (after Adam and Eve) to be given the Gift of the Divine Will (from the moment of her Immaculate Conception) Jesus, in His humanity, was the fourth Person to posses the Gift of the Divine Will. Next was Luisa Piccarreta and everyone after her who will say “Yes!” to His Gift.

Our Lady gave Luisa 31 lessons* on the Kingdom of the Divine Will. With this Gift, what one would strive for in years can be accomplished in just one day!

Lesson 13

Three times a day Our Lady wants us to sit upon her lap, (morning, noon and evening) and say to her:

“My Mother, I love You. Love me too, and give me a sip of the Will of God for my soul. Give me Your blessing also, that I might do all my actions under Your maternal gaze”

At night Our Lady also wants us to present all our acts of the day onto her maternal lap.

* Book: The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Prevenient and Actual Acts

Prevenient Act

This is to be done as soon as you awake, ‘at the break of dawn’ Jesus says, it is when you tell Jesus in your own words that you want everything today to be done only in His Divine Will.

Actual Acts

There are the particular acts you do during the day, like washing, eating, working, praying, etc. “You should say: Jesus wants to… and so I do it together with Him.”

Aug. 14, 1912

As far as your memory allows , one should continue throughout the day in this way. Fortunately, Jesus does not accuse us for our poor memories. Our acts continue to be in the Divine Will because of the Prevenient Act, but as Jesus says: “both acts are necessary; the prevenient act assists, creates the disposition and makes room for the actual act. The actual act preserves and enlarges the disposition for the prevenient act.”