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Divine Will Retreat in Dublin

Divine Will Retreat

Divine Will Retreat

This sunday 15th December from 10.00 am until 5.30pm Mass presentation of Divine Will at the Dublin centre for beginners, contact 0877777081 for details

“A single instant in My Will is worth a lifetime of good works.” – Jesus said to Luisa Piccarreta.

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  1. Paula Aungier

    It would be great if you could contact Marian Pilgrimages and Joe Walsh Tours to have them include Luisa Picceratta Cerato in their Pigrimages of places to visit in Italy. many thanks, Paula.

  2. Julie Greer

    Please distribute this freely to your readers who would like use it as a meditation. After reading Luisa’s Hours of the Passion for years, the Holy Spirit gave these words to me which are so powerful. They have no copyright so feel free to use them as you wish. Julie Greer



    Just as David’s sling was an absurdity next to the sword and shield of Goliath, so too is our Lady’s rosary. It seems absurd that praying the rosary is the key the future of our world. “No Mary, no Jesus. Know Mary, know Jesus.” Mary is the first and best disciple of Jesus. The Holy Spirit descended upon her, and Jesus Christ became incarnate in her womb. The Holy Spirit descended once again upon her and rested in her at Pentecost with the other disciples. In this end of the era of Mercy, the Holy Spirit reigns within her Immaculate Heart. Everything the world needs, to know Jesus, and ultimately, eternal happiness, waits for us there. We only need to ask.

    Don’t just say the rosary or your “prayer” is without heart, just a mechanical, repetitive noise. It is a sling with no stone. PRAY IT! When the sling is filled with the intertwined Hearts of Jesus and Mary, watch out Satan!
    Mary is the first disciple, the first to be saved by Jesus. Know Mary, Know Jesus! Mary help us to know your Son! Crush the head of the snake with your heel and help us to return to our loving and patient God.

    Because I am no longer able to work, God has called me to contemplative prayer as we have entered the Storm.This is the skeleton of what I see and think about for the last couple of years each time I pray The Sorrowful Mysteries. It is essentially the same, but always different, in that I disappear into the scenes throughout the rosary, seeing something more each time. The whole exercise takes anywhere from one to three hours. I have been told to use my 10 fingers instead of beads, and to use my arms to pull all souls into the mysteries, which lie in my heart. I am reminded that everything taking place during these Sorrowful Mysteries are acts of reparation on the part of Jesus, who by His every thought, word, and action is making amendment to the Father for the sins of the world, past, present, and future included. Every evil act on the part of human beings from the beginning of time is being replaced by Jesus Himself with Divine acts of Righteousness and Holiness, so that every soul seeking God can be saved. Because there are so many places where I lose myself in the images and scenes I sometimes worry I am deceiving myself and am not even praying at all! Then I am reminded by God that EVERYTHING (actions and intention to pray) are acceptable gifts to Him. Holy Spirit, animate and direct us all! Mother of God, through your Immaculate Heart, make our intention of prayer and our prayerful actions, all pleasing to your Son. Lead us all into His Sacred Heart. Amen

    About suffering. Someone once told me this and it helped me very much “You do not suffer if you let go of your outcome. ” My personal interpretation is this: Whatever is happening presently in my life is God’s Divine Will for me. If I embrace it, I don’t suffer. If I fight it, I do suffer. Even if what is happening in my life feels dark and difficult, God is bigger still. The cross of Jesus was dark and difficult. My little crosses feel dark and difficult, but when I ask for help to carry them, and place them all in the Immaculate Heart of my mother Mary, then, eventually I find my way through, and see the fruit of the journey. After Good Friday always comes Easter.

    The Sorrowful Mysteries (reflections during meditation)
    Mary is always present, within my own maternal heart. I am seeing JESUS’ Passion through Mary’s eyes, and feel her grieving unto death. Per Mary’s request, when she appeared many times to a visionary named Elizabeth Kindleman, I have added the “Flame of Love” prayer to each Hail Mary I say. Mary told her that this little phrase would blind Satan and free souls within his grasp. JESUS IS THE FLAME OF LOVE BEING RELEASED THROUGH HER IMMACULATE HEART DURING THIS ENDING OF THE ERA OF MERCY. It goes like this:

    Hail Mary,full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among all women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, and spread the effect of grace of your Flame of Love over all of humanity, now and at the hour of our death.

    Apostles Creed,
    Our Father,
    Hail Mary –faith, hope, love

    Jesus Agonizing In the Garden.
    1. Jesus feels in His bowels the sickening heaviness of our sins. Jesus now repairs for Adam and Eve’s rejection in the Garden of Eden, and for each rejection since then of God’s Divine Will.
    2. He is nauseated and overwhelmed. A cold sweat breaks over His Sacred Flesh. As He feels mortal dread, He is repairing for each mortal sin ever committed.
    3. He experiences the Father’s intense love for men. It feels as if His blood, this fiery fierce Love, is boiling in His veins. Jesus repairs for all crimes against Love. For all hatred expressed toward others.
    4. He tells the disciples to pray. The bargaining begins and Jesus falls to the ground. He begs the Father “Let them all be saved”. Jesus repairs for our selfish, secular living.
    5. He finds his disciples asleep and asks them to stay awake and pray. The Father reminds Jesus of His Justice. Jesus falls to the ground, inconsolable, “Father, please! Not one soul! Let not one soul be lost.” He repairs for our murmuring, complaining, and lack of resolve.
    6. Jesus is the Father’s Mercy. Mercy and Justice meet with a tremendous collision within the Divine Person of Jesus. He falls on the ground again, covered in bloody sweat. He repairs for spiritual sloth, and hatred toward God.
    7. Bloody drops of sweat run down Jesus’ brow. He hears in His ears the accusations of the Pharisees. He amends for His own chosen people who will reject their Messiah. “Father!” He moans.
    8. Jesus paces and falls repeatedly to the ground begging for souls. His disciples, in their grief, fall back asleep. The Spirit roiling within. The Father and the Son in LOVING conversation. Justice and Mercy agree. He now amends for His beloved consecrated sons/priests who will abandon Him.
    9. After all He did, all He will suffer, who will appreciate or understand Jesus’ message? Who will even care if He ever lived? The enemy whispers in His ear “Your life means nothing!” See the Gentiles, myself included, scorn and belittle poor Jesus who keeps amending for our every act of laziness, and our indifferent, unloving, lukewarm lives.
    10. Jesus rebukes the enemy’s lies and says a third time “Let it be done to Me, Oh Father, according to Your Divine Will, and not Mine”. He is betrayed with our many kisses. Jesus repairs for all acts of hypocrisy, duplicity and feigned religiosity.

    The scourging at the pillar. (Reparations for both perpetrators and their victims)
    1. The virginal blush as Jesus is stripped. (Immodest dress)
    2. Human trafficking in Russia
    3. In China
    4. In Mexico
    5. In South America and Africa (Boko Haram)
    6. In New York
    7. In Los Angeles
    8. In San Francisco,
    9. Sins of pornography, lustful sexuality/sodomy and adultery everywhere.
    10. Sins of incest and rape.

    The crowning of thorns. (Reparations)
    1. For Holiness in Supreme Court and US government.
    2. Holiness for Putin/Russia and North Korean leaders
    3. Holiness for Chinese and Japanese politicians
    4. Conversion of hearts for ISIS, Iraq & Iranian leaders
    5. Protection for Israel, where the Precious Blood of Jesus still cries out to The Father of all Mercies.
    6. Conversion of all Chicago mob leaders, families and neighborhoods
    7. Conversion of Russian mob leaders and families.
    8. Conversion of all US Gang leaders and families.
    9. Conversion of Mexican Drug Cartel and families.
    10. Jesus now calls down Mercy on emigrants fleeing slavery, poverty, political terrorism, and those who seek basic needs/rights.

    The Carrying of the Cross
    1. Jesus embraces the cross. He draws it to Himself. His experienced hands inspect the wood. He eyes with love it’s dimensions. He knows from ancient times what He is about. Jesus repairs for all the times we protest to God for the suffering He sends.
    2. The cross surprises Him with its great weight. Exquisite pain. Wood meets the bare bone of His bloody shoulders. Jesus amends for unshouldered burdens, curses hurled at God, His precious Name taken in vain. Crosses thrown down in defiance.
    3. Oh Sacred Heart, heavier still with the centuries of men’s sin carried within. Love so scorned. The crowned Head is bent so low. Jesus repairs for all the mockery and derision of the Creator by His arrogant creatures.
    4. Jesus stumbles over mountains of decadence, our excessive indulgence in luxuries/sensual pleasures, our moral corruption. Jesus amends for all addictions as He falls down in the dirt.
    5. Struggling to arise, Jesus is bent once more to the ground by droves of gleeful demons, who taunt and rejoice. See how Mercy falls again under the Father’s Justice! Weep, all you faint of heart! The Author of Life, Love Itself, repairs for all the despairing souls, who chose to wander this earth miserable, hopeless, lost.
    6. He can smell the dust but all sounds become as distant. He is curled in a fetal position receiving kicks and curses. Jesus remembers with Love lives taken. All abortions, homicides, suicides, genocides.
    7. How many must be forced to carry another’s cross? Do I volunteer? It is so simple. Love God. Love one another. The Sacred Heart is repairing for racial hatred, all greed, all wars.
    8. Oh inquisitive women! You stand by and cry, but do nothing. Am I a “looky-loo”? Do I crane my neck to see another’s misery when I pass an accident on the freeway? Do I pray for them? Do I watch on the news all the Christians that are martyred, without being moved to tearful prayer? Am I concerned only about my family and myself? Jesus now repairs for our lack of brotherly love and our spiritual blindness.
    9. The Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus meet. The Two Hearts entwine in a single moment of ecstasy. Time ceases. Only Love, in the Divine Will, exists. Then The Father’s Justice resumes. Jesus makes all things new, repairing especially for insults aimed at Mary, His holy and beloved mother.
    10. His bloody body had to be dragged up the hill of Calvary. But when ordered to do so, the God Man obediently positions His limbs on top of the cross. Oh my Jesus! How You Love me so! How You honor Your Father’s Will! Jesus amends now for all acts of disobedience.

    Jesus is crucified and dies on the cross. (Reparations)
    1. Carefully His hand is positioned over the hole readied to be nailed to the cross. Carefully we have used our hands for evil, wicked works. Watch as the Sacrificial Lamb amends for all thieveries, beatings, blows, abuse, the building up of empires, every empty tower of Babel ever built, all for the idol of self.
    2. He feels the thorns driven further into His skull, as He rests His weary head against the wood. He sees myriads of self righteous cardinals, archbishops, pharisees all murmuring within the Barque of Peter. Jesus amends for treachery, freemasonry, intrigue and deception, and all we who are so full of spiritual pride.
    3. His back, a raw mass of bloody wound, presses into the wooden beam upon which His Sacred body lays. “The body of Christ.” What have we become? Pathetic, anemic emissaries of the Christ. Hurriedly prepared, poorly attended liturgies. Uninspired prayers, boring homilies, wandering minds. We, the lukewarm Body of Christ are good for vomiting out of the mouth of God. Jesus is now perfectly adoring His Father, for each one of us.
    4. As His Sacred frame is stretched upon the cross, He groans. The Body of the Christ is torn apart. It was supposed to be One. Thousands of “Christian” denominations tearing each other apart in heated debate with clever proofs of each ones’ authenticity. Snide remarks. Hateful name calling and labeling of those “others” who we are certain to be the “unclean”, the “outcasts”. In truth, these are the very brothers and sisters we are meant to love. Jesus is adoring the Father who is adoring The Son. We are all now One in the Spirit. Now, The Trinity prepares to receive The Sacrifical Lamb.
    5. The left hand is fixed with a second stake. The Father had commanded that “there be Light!” Instead, humanity has hurled itself into the darkness. All undone acts of kindness are now being repaired for by Our Lord. Every undone good deed, that could have made Love a reality, is mourned for by our gentle Jesus. The Lamb also now repairs in this instant for our neglect of our family members, and for the neglect of those duties pertaining to our station in life.
    6. Oh man! Behold The Body of your Christ! Can you see what you have done to Him? He is unrecognizable. You have Undeified, Unglorified, Uglified, and Pedophiled Him in one another. God could have looked at this disgraced figure of His Beloved Son and painfully regretted His promise to us in the Garden of Eden, but Truth will not contradict Itself. Oh my God! I am so heartily sorry for having offended You in my brother and in my sister. Through Your Divine Will, I amend for these sins against You, by trusting in Your Sacred Blood. “There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.” (C. Ten-boom)
    7. Calloused, bruised and bloodied knees of Christ. Do I pray with all my heart? Poor prayer, prideful prayer, inattentive prayer, or worse yet, no prayer at all. How did it come about that the creature acts to eliminate, from all public places, any mention of its Creator? Oh man, where did you ever learn you had no need for your Maker? Have the enemy’s lies reached your ears? How is it, the angels ask, that man is allowed such folly? How is it, Abba, that you allow us to remain at all in Your Most Holy Presence? JESUS, WHO IS LOVE amends for our disrespectfulness in prayer to Our CREATOR.
    8. Right foot of Christ is being fixed in place. I adore the Sacred wound which amends for wrong ways I have walked. This terrible wound holds back the Father’s Justice for terrible mistakes, wretched faults, causing devastating consequences, wrecking innocent lives. Jesus makes amendment now for the stinking stench of humanity at its very worst, for the perpetrators of mass destruction and war atrocities, for all serial murderers. Jesus amends for everyone who chooses the wide road, and those who, with full abandon, have followed the enemy.
    9. Adoring now the ruby red wound of Jesus’ left foot which also is torn through with the iron stake. His entire body shivers, after the raised beam slams down into the prepared hole. The Sacred wound oozes Sacred blood, as The Lamb stands and then slumps, alternating, in a feeble, futile attempt to find relief. Jesus now repairs for those who failed to listen to the Shepherd’s voice. Failed marriages, failed vocations, failed to keep promises, walking out, walking away, for all the Jonahs who run from the Hound of God.
    10. A lance pierces both a Sacred Heart and an Immaculate Heart like lightning striking a tree. The Holy Spirit of Love, the Mercy of Jesus and the Justice of The Father physically coalesce for all to see. Creation shudders violently. The sun refuses to shine. Torrential sprays of Sacred Blood cover me. I am lost in it. This cannot be described by words, but only by a most Sacred and astounding silence, heard at last by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the Holy Abode. I am suddenly among the thousands in robes washed white by His Blood. I join them in crying out day and night, into Eternity “Worthy! Worthy! Worthy is the Lamb that was slain!”

    *”At the hour of my death, receive me, Oh Lord, as a daughter (son) of Your Passion, dressed in Your blood, adorned with Your wounds, see not me, but only Yourself and Your Most Holy Divine Will. Amen”
    (*Prayer by Luisa Picarreta, Little Servant of the Divine Will, found in “The Hours of The Passion”.

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