Living in the Divine Will

On waking:

Christ-the-KingJesus I thank You for this day to live in Your Divine Will, please take my will and I ask you to give me the gift of Your Divine Will in exchange for my will through the Immaculate Will of Mary, I merge my will in your Divine Will and so I set all the acts of this day in order in the Divine Will, by this prevenient act.

Then say:

Mary my mother, I give you my will that through Your Immaculate Will it be immersed perfectly in the Divine Will. Please give me a sip of Divine Will for my soul, bless me and help me to make my first act of the day an act of love in the Divine Will.

Then say

Jesus I offer you my first act of today as an act of love in Your divine Will: Jesus, I loveYou!

Jesus, Mary, I love you with the Divine Will, save priests’ souls, save souls with the intention of repeating this Act of Love in Your Divine Will, a thousand times with every heartbeat and every breath, for every atom, quantum of energy and photon in the universe each nanosecond of time, for all the Angels and Saints and Holy Souls in Purgatory. I make my act diffuse in Your Will and I tie it to every act done in the Divine Will from Adam until the last one. I give you an act of love for Luisa who acted in a universal manner to all, and in thanksgiving for all saved and reparation for all lost. I ask my mamma Mary to let me partake of all Her acts and merits from Her Conception to Her Assumption and in Her Heart offer these to You. Jesus, I ask you to let me partake in all your acts and merits from your conception to the Ascension, clothing myself in Your Will with your Life, Sufferings and Wounds, and Eternal Father, through Jesus, with Him, in Him in the unity of the Holy Spirit, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary I offer all this to You as an act of perfect infinite eternal praise, reparation, atonement, intercession, glory, love and adoration in the Divine Will, offering nothing of my own but what You have given. Fiat. Amen

Then say morning offering, etc, inserting “in the Divine Will” as appropriate.

Do actual acts at beginning, middle and end of all actions, consciously. Call the Divine Will into all actions.