Divine Will Booklet

the-kingdom-of-the-divine-will-bookletThis little booklet is intended to be a simple aid to living and praying in the Divine will as taught by Jesus to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta. It is not a complete guide, but it is hoped that newcomers to this spirituality will find, in these simple lessons, a means of embracing and understanding Jesus’ invitation to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

With Ecclesiastical Approval
Italy, Oct. 17, 1997
+Carmelo CassatiArchbishop of Trani

A Little At a Time

“Promise to be faithful to Me and I shall pour into you many graces that will cause you to marvel I have great designs on you. But only if you correspond and conform to my Will. I shall delight in making you a perfect image of Me. You shall imitate Me from My birth to My death. Do not have any doubt about succeeding, because I will teach you how it can be done a little at a time. ”

Book of Heaven Vol. 1 Page 5

The purpose of the Gift of the DW is to allow God to receive perfect glory from the whole human family, i.e. from Adam to the Last human to be created.

From the moment he was created, Adam could give God a perfect return of love and glory in everything, all of the time, because he possessed the Gift of the DW. At the fall, Adam lost this gift and was then only able to correspond to God with his limited human capacity-not with the unlimited capacity of the DW which he previously enjoyed.

Jesus told Luisa that when He created Adam He
place within Adam’s human will the Divine Will. The DW “resided” there only because Adam consented to this, allowing himself to be animated by God in every way: his thoughts, words, glances, steps, movements, breaths and heartbeats, etc. for this reason all of Adam’s acts were of a Divine Order because he was consenting to letting the Divinity do everything within him. It is because the divinity was doing everything in him that Adam’s acts were perfect, thereby giving perfect glory and perfect correspondence of love to the creator.

This does not imply a lack of free will on the part of Adam. Instead, Adam was continuously consenting to giving the Divinity the freedom to “operate” in him in this way*. The human will is presented by Jesus as an empty glass in which the waters of the Divine Will reside. This was intended by God to be the permanent condition of man. The human will was not created to be isolated from the Divine Will. Up until the Fall, the DW operated in every aspect of Adam’s being. with the gift of free will Adam could empty himself, at any time, of this divine capacity to glorify God perfectly. In fact, he did empty himself of this gift when he took the forbidden fruit.

*This does not mean that Adam was made divine. He was always a creature, but a creature consenting to letting the Creator animate him in every respect.



To receive the Gift of the Divine Will one needs the desire to receive it, and to decide to no longer give one life to one’s own human will. Jesus said:

“… you don’t need paths, nor doors, nor keys to enter into My Divine Will… To enter creatures need but remove the pebble of their own will… A soul has but to deisre it and all is done, my Will assumes all the work…”

Feb 16, 1921

It is important to remember that having desired the Gift after deciding to sacrfice one’s own will, that it is Jesus who does all the work. Only Jesus can do a divine act. We always remain creature.


From the first moment a soul decides to embrace living in the Divine Will they must learn to forget themselves. Jesus says that there is only one way of achieving this, and that it must be practiced for the rest of your life:

“My daughter, in order for the soul to be able to forget herself everything she does or has to do must be done as if I wanted to do it in her. If she prays, she should say:

‘It is Jesus who wants to pray, and I pray together with Him.’ If she works: ‘It is Jesus who wants to work, it is Jesus who wants walk, it is Jesus who wants to eat, who wants to sleep, who wants to get up, who wants to enjoy Himself.’ And it should be like that in everything for the rest of her life, excluding errors. Only in this manner is the soul able to forget herself. for not only will she do everything because I want it, but because I want to do it, she will need Me.”

Aug 14, 1912

Everything should be now done with reference to Jesus because it is He who is doing everything within us-except error, i.e. sin.


If we sin we would lose the gift of DW.

This is because we obviously cannot make Jesus sin. If we make a sincere act of contrition then we can ask Jesus to return the Gift to us, and He will do so.

Jesus is yearning so much for us to always possess this Gift that he gladly returns the Gift to us. It is Only through our having this Gift that Jesus can ensure a perfect return of love and glory to the Father from
within the creature.

If our sin was of a serious nature – mortal sin – then we would first have to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and then ask Jesus to return the Gift to us.

Praying in the Divine Will (Fusing)


To Pray in the Divine Will we should remember Jesus’ instruction to forget self. We can begin by saying: “Jesus wants to pray so I pray with Him.” Jesus gave this lesson to Luisa:

“I want to teach you the way of how you must be with Me. First you must:

+ enter inside Me
+ transform yourself into Me
+ take that which you find in Me.”

Remember that everything is achieved by the Golden Rule – we desire it and Jesus does all the work.

Notice that Jesus did not say “think”, but “desire”. Thought alone will not do. It is the desire of the heart which ensures living in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Praying in the Divine Will (Fusing)


+ We first desire to enter into Jesus and He brings this about by the ‘Golden Rule’.
+ Then we transform ourselves into Him (also brought about by the ‘Golden Rule’). As St. Paul said: ‘Put on Christ’, so we do everything as an other Jesus, since Jesus is doing everything within us: our thoughts, words, actions, steps, movements, breaths, heartbeats-everything except sin.

+ next, we take what we find in Jesus. Jesus explained to Luisa (Aug. 14, 1912) that while He was on earth, during His Hidden Life (i.e. up to the age of 30 years when his Public Ministry began), he took into Himself all the thoughts, words, actions – everything about everyone from Adam to the last person to be created, and He redid everyone’s life in his Divine Will. In this way there is a divine version of each one’s life. Why? – Because only the divine version can give God perfect glory – our human attempts at glorifying God, no matter how we become, would always fall short of absolute perfection.

Praying in the Divine Will (Fusing)


Jesus did not immediately offer the divine version of our lives to the Father, but suspended them within Himself, waiting for the day that you would come along – and after giving your ‘fiat’, your ‘yes’ to the gift of the Divine Will – you would:

+ enter into Him
+ transform yourself into Him
+ and take what you find in Him. Now you can find in Jesus the divine version of your life suspended in Him. Take it, make it your own (by the Golden Rule) and offer it with Jesus to the Father. You can do this repeatedly, not
only on your own life, but also repeatedly with everyone’s life, Jesus wants you to do this for everyone’s life.

In the Name of Everyone

Because Jesus redid the lives of everyone (from Adam to the last created soul) in His Divine Will then we can also pray, work, speak, walk, eat, sleep and enjoy ourselves, etc. in the name of everyone.

Praying in the Divine Will (Fusing)


This is what Jesus said to Luisa:

“In my glances I took the creatures’ eyes, in my voice their words, in my movements theirs, in my hands their works, in my heart, their affections and desires, in my footsteps; and, making them like mine, My Humanity satisfied the Father…”

“Now, why cannot you also do it? For he who loves, all is possible united to me! In My Will pray and bring before the Divine Majesty in your thoughts, the thoughts of everyone; in your eyes the glances of everyone; in your words, movements affections and desires those of your brothers to make reparation for them; to obtain light, graces and love for them. In My Will you will find yourself in Me and in everyone. You do my life. You will pray with Me; and the Divine Father will be content with it and all of Heaven will say, “Who calls us upon earth? Who is it that wants to embrace this Holy Will in herself enclosing all of us together? And how much good you can obtain for the earth by making heaven descend upon the earth. ”

May 13, 1916

Praying in the Divine Will (Fusing)


Therefore, finding everyone in Jesus, we can pray in the name of everyone, and Jesus promises that it will be
as if everyone is praying in a divine way.

If the whole of humanity prayed together in a human way, even this volume of prayer would not compare
with just one prayer in the Divine Will because a divine prayer has infinite value, or merit, since it possesses the very dispositions and qualities of Jesus Himself because it is He who is doing all the work in His Divine Will.

We can now pray the rosary, for example, in the name of everyone; and keep Jesus company in the Blessed Sacrament in the name of everyone, etc. so that God is receiving a perfect return of love and glory from everyone. Simultaneously in everything we do – providing we desire it!

Remember the size of your prayer group, if you are praying in the Divine Will in the name of all, it’s everyone from Adam to the last created soul!

Rounds in The Divine Will

There is much to be said about the “Rounds” in the Divine Will, but here is a beginning: On one occasion, as Jesus was taking Luisa around the universe, she could hear Jesus’ voice saying ‘I love you’ on everything-every star, planet, moon, etc. While she was enjoying this experience, Jesus turned to her and said: “Luisa, where is your ‘I love you’ to Me?” Jesus explained that if she desired it (in the Divine Will) she could place
her ‘I love you’ to Jesus on everything too, because Jesus would do it for her.

Ex. “I receive Your Love and place it on… ___”

And so we are invited by Jesus to do the same: to place our ‘I love you’ to Jesus on every created being/thing (past, present, future). These are the Rounds of Creation. We can place our ‘I love you’ on everything that Jesus said and did during His life on earth, including His resurrection and Ascension. These are the Rounds of Redemption. We should also place our ‘I love you’ on all the acts of the Holy Spirit, e.g. the sacraments, prayer, inspirations, graces etc. These are the Rounds of Sanctification. Jesus told Luisa to make these Rounds incessantly.

“I love You with Your Will”

Luisa writes: Continuing my usual state, Blessed Jesus let himself be seen inside of me, but so fused with me that I would see His eyes in mine, His mouth in mine and in the same way all His body. And while I was seeing Him like this, He said to me: “My daughter, see how I fuse Myself and make myself one sole thing with the soul who does My
Will is inside and outside of her. You can say that it is like the air she breathes which give life to everything be seen and understood; It is heart that warms, fecundates, and makes things grow; It is heart that beats, hands that work, feet that walk, And when the will unites with My Will, My Life is formed
in the soul.”

Afterwards, having received Communion, I was telling Jesus: “I love you”, and He told me: “My daughter, do you really to love Me? ” Say: “Jesus I love you with Your Will” and since my Will fills Heaven and earth, your love will surround me everywhere and your ‘I love you’ will reverberate high in the Heavens, and in the depths of the abysses; and so, if you want to say, “I adore You, I bless You, I praise You, I thank You” you will say it
united in My Will, and you will fill the heavens and earth with adorations, blessings, praises and thanksgivings in My Will. These are simple things easy and immense.

Oct. 2, 1913

Our Lady and The Divine Will

Jesus made Mary the “Queen and Mother of the Kingdom of the Divine Will”. Mary was the third person (after Adam and Eve) to be given the Gift of the Divine Will (from the moment of her Immaculate Conception) Jesus, in His humanity, was the fourth Person to posses the Gift of the Divine Will. Next was Luisa Piccarreta and everyone after her who will say “Yes!” to His Gift.

Our Lady gave Luisa 31 lessons* on the Kingdom of the Divine Will. With this Gift, what one would strive for in years can be accomplished in just one day!

Lesson 13

Three times a day Our Lady wants us to sit upon her lap, (morning, noon and evening) and say to her:

“My Mother, I love You. Love me too, and give me a sip of the Will of God for my soul. Give me Your blessing also, that I might do all my actions under Your maternal gaze”

At night Our Lady also wants us to present all our acts of the day onto her maternal lap.

* Book: The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Prevenient and Actual Acts

Prevenient Act

This is to be done as soon as you awake, ‘at the break of dawn’ Jesus says, it is when you tell Jesus in your own words that you want everything today to be done only in His Divine Will.

Actual Acts

There are the particular acts you do during the day, like washing, eating, working, praying, etc. “You should say: Jesus wants to… and so I do it together with Him.”

Aug. 14, 1912

As far as your memory allows , one should continue throughout the day in this way. Fortunately, Jesus does not accuse us for our poor memories. Our acts continue to be in the Divine Will because of the Prevenient Act, but as Jesus says: “both acts are necessary; the prevenient act assists, creates the disposition and makes room for the actual act. The actual act preserves and enlarges the disposition for the prevenient act.”

May 27, 1922

Calling Down the Divine Will

Jesus wants us to call down the Divine Will into everything and everyone. Like the Lesson about forgetting self, we can call down the Divine Will in the following way:

Come Divine Will,

come wash in me,


Come Divine Will,

come eat in me,


Come Divine Will,

come drive in me,


Come Divine Will,

come work in me,

or pray… rest… speak…etc.

There is no set formula for praying in the Divine will. So alternatively one might pray:

Come Divine Will, come wash in my washing, eat in my eating, rest in my resting, pray in my praying, etc…

Jesus said to Luisa that the Kingdom of the Divine Will will not reign fully on earth until a certain number of Acts in the Divine Will have been completed.

The Saints and the Gift of the Divine Will

A frequently asked question is: “But didn’t the saints posses the Gift of the Divine Will?”

The answer is ‘No’

Until now, the saints have been able only to align themselves to God’s Will – i.e. as they become more
aware of what God wanted them to do and how He wanted them to be in their daily lives, they correspond as best they could to His Will.

However, the gift of the Divine Will is not only about doing God’s Will, but possessing God’s Will, i.e. letting God carry out His own Will, Himself, within you through your consent. This is what Adam was doing up until the Fall, and what Jesus did in His Humanity throughout His whole life while on earth.

Jesus points out to Luisa, who received the Gift of the Divine Will on Sept. 8, 1889, marks the beginning of the era of the Kingdom of the Divine Will on Earth. This Gift is now available to everyone.

How this Gift was Prophesied in the Scriptures

The first biblical prophecy can be found in Gen. 3:15. this prophecy was spoken by God to Satan. God Prophesied the coming of a future Redeemer, the Messiah. The Jews prayed for the fulfillment of this prophecy and
so Jesus came. Before leaving the earth Jesus gave another prophecy which He placed in the one prayer that He taught us: The Our Father.

The prophecy is: “Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be done on earth as it is Heaven.” In other words, just as the saints in Heaven posses the Divine Will with which to perfectly glorify God and correspond perfectly to His love, so have the Christian generations (on earth) been praying for this same Will to be enjoyed
on earth as it is in Heaven.

Thus, we have been praying for a return of our original capacity to perfectly correspond to our Creator. And this is why Jesus subtitled these writings: “The Recall of the Creature to the Order, Place,
and Purpose for Which it was Created by God.”

The Trinity and The Divine Will

The Three Persons of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – do not each posses Their own separate Wills consenting to one another’s wishes. Instead, the Three Persons of the Trinity share the same one
Divine Will. This is why there can only be agreement, peace, harmony etc. between Them. By the powers of the One Divine Will the Father is able to direct all His infinite love to His Son, and by the same powers of the same One Divine Will the Son is able to perfectly return this same infinite love to the Father.

It was this same one Divine Will which Adam originally possessed. Thus Adam was able to correspond to God’s love as was Jesus Himself. One could say that the uncreated Son (Jesus)and the created son (Adam) could perfectly
correspond to the father by the powers of the same one Divine Will which they both possessed.

Jesus’ Prayer in John 17

This prayer of Jesus is a threefold prayer. He prays first to Himself, then for His disciples, and finally for all future disciples. It is in the final part of His prayer that Jesus makes this request of the Father:

“That they may be one with Me, as I, Father, and You, are one”

As we have learned the Trinity are not just good friends agreeing with one another but are one in the
Divine Will. Thus, for each disciple to be one with Jesus in the same way as Jesus is one with the Father, would require the disciples to also possess the same one Divine Will as Jesus and the Father. And this is what Jesus prayed for the night before He died.

Invocation to The Divine Will In All Our Actions

I am nothing, God is All, Father I love you;

Come Divine Will,

– To think in my mind.

– To circulate in my blood.

– To look with my eyes.

– To listen in my ears.

– To speak in my voice.

– To breathe in my breathing.

– To beat in my heart.

– To move in my motion.

– To suffer in my suffering; and may my soul consumed and fused with your will be the living crucifix immolated for the Glory of the Father.

– To pray in me, and then offer this prayer to yourself as mine to satisfy for the prayers of all and to give to the Father the Glory that all creatures should give Him

– To infuse in me the faith of Mary most Holy in order to posses You as she possessed You to infuse in me the Hope of Mary most Holy in order to desire You as she desired You.

– To infuse in me the charity of Mary most Holy in order to love You as she loved You.

– To adore in me. And since Your Will multiplies acts to the infinite, thus I intend to give You the satisfaction
as if all had assisted at Holy Mass, and give to all the fruit of the sacrifice and impetrate salvation for all.

O Supreme Will, come to reign upon the earth. Invest all generations win and conquer all! And do not delay any
longer. Amen.

Prayer for Luisa’s Beatification

Oh Most Holy trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us that as we pray we should ask that our Father’s Name be always glorified, that His Will be done on Earth and that His Kingdom should come to reign among us.

In out great desire to make known this Kingdom of love, justice and peace, we humbly ask that you glorify your servant Luisa, the little daughter of the Divine Will, who, with her constant prayer and suffering, deeply yearned for the salvation of souls and the coming of God’s Kingdom in the world. Following her example, we pray to You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to help us joyously embrace the crosses of this world so that we may also glorify Your Name and enter into the Kingdom of Your Will. Amen.