Be Faithful and
* — Book One

Chapter 14:

Ending Your Day
in the Divine

“How beautiful it is to see one of our creatures rest in
the arms of our Will!  But to find true repose it is necessary that
one start placing all his acts, his words, his love, his pleasures, etc.,
in our Volition so that, as they take their place in It, they receive
rest; and I repose in them.”

(Vol. 14: September 11, 1922)



Ending Your Day in the Divine Will

When you awoke, you immediately made the Prevenient
with your first rounds in order to put your entire day in the
Divine Will.  Now, before taking your sleep, you will want to put
your entire night in the Divine Will
.  First, however, it will be
necessary to review the day in order to take note of your failures and beg
pardon for them, and to thank God for every blessing.

1. The Examination of Conscience, Acts of

    Contrition and Gratitude

At the close of the day you must always include the
Examination of Conscience and the Act of Contrition.  Just as with
the morning meditation (discussed in Chapter 4, No. 2),
the Saints of old all agree that these “must never be
  For the saints of the “New and Divine Holiness” this
exercise will also be of manifest importance.  Bl. Dina, throughout
her autobiography, gives us frequent, detailed accounts of how diligently
she used this practice (twice a day) on her spiritual journey — a journey
which led her to experience the extraordinary grace of the Divine
Substitution of Jesus
in her soul.    With
this practice, she was able to systematically discover where she was
failing (even in the smallest things) in her love for her Beloved, and
thus work to improve.  Here, then, we see its great value.

As with everything else, be sure to perform these acts in
the Divine Will.  Do them in the name of everyone to give God the
glory of all creatures faithfully performing this duty each day, and to
make reparation for those who do not.

Begin by placing yourself before the Holy Trinity, Whose
All-seeingness penetrates all your actions and sees the true intention for
which they were done.  Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you with this
truth.  Then, in your mind, recall all the events of the day. 
Think of the activities you have been involved in and the people you’ve
encountered.  Consider whether you have given in to your particular
weaknesses and to your predominant fault.  Examine yourself more
carefully on your faithfulness to your life in the Divine Will.  How
have you failed?  Consideration of the following points may be

An Examination of Conscience for Life in the Divine

NOTE: Always pay special attention to deliberate sins,
however slight they may seem.  All such sins must be completely
overcome in order to become one with the Will of God: “…do you know
who it is that places disorder into the soul?  Sin alone, even the
slightest, if the soul commits it voluntarily and attaches herself to
it.  Oh, how all this deforms the soul, it removes her color, it
debilitates her!”
(Vol. 9: Nov. 16, 1909).

— How well did I make my Examination of Conscience and Act
of Contrition last night?  Did I omit either one?  Did I
remember to thank God for the blessings of the day?

— Did I make my “Prevenient Act” upon awaking in
order to set my whole day in order in the Divine Will?  Did I rise
promptly at the appointed time?  Did I keep in mind the Church’s
teaching on modesty when dressing, which is the outward mark of a true
Child of the Divine Will?  Or did I compromise for the sake of
vanity, comfort or convenience?

— Was I negligent in making “Current Acts” during the
day (through my own fault)?

— What efforts did I make to keep the Divine Attitude
throughout the day?  Did I do everything for Jesus, that is, with a
desire to truly please Him?  Did I do everything in Jesus, leaving my
“own thoughts,” “style,” “tastes and even more” (Vol. 3: Jul. 10,
1900), to take up His?  How many times did I do my will?  What
effort did I make to remain in continual prayer which enables me to
partake in the “ad intra operations that the Divinity wrought in Jesus’
(Vol. 4: Jul. 28, 1902).

— How well did I make my Morning Meditation?  Did I
omit it?

— If I went to Holy Mass or made a visit, did I show proper
reverence in the House of God?  Did I speak unnecessarily or distract
others? — How attentive was I at Holy Mass?  Did I offer myself as
victim with Jesus?

— Did I make proper preparation for the great act of
receiving Holy Communion?  Did I spend the proper time after Holy
Communion keeping Jesus company, or did I make excuses to cut this time
short?  Did I receive Communion in the Divine Will and in some manner
perform those acts Jesus recommended to Luisa for receiving the Holy

— Was I faithful to my prayer resolutions?  Did I pray
my “Rounds,” Hours of the Passion and Rosary as I should?  Did
I pray with attention and proper posture?  Did I spend time reading
and meditating on the Book of Heaven?  Did I make resolutions
as the fruit of my meditation?  And did I keep them?

— Did I attribute any and all good that I accomplished as
coming from God?  Or, rather, did I attribute it to myself who have
“nothing of my own except pure nothingness and the inclination to
(Vol. 1: Ch. 14).

— Did I practice the virtues necessary for living in the
Divine Will: Humility, Abandonment / Resignation, Obedience, Purity of
Intention, etc.? 

— Did I accept everything that happened as the Will of God
for me?  Was this evident by my remaining in that peace so necessary
for Jesus to live in me?   Was I worried about my own spiritual progress, or was I
self-forgetful with a concern only of pleasing Jesus?

— Did I see the image of God in every creature and treat
them accordingly?  Did I accept all that creatures did to me (good or
evil) as coming from God for my benefit?  Did I keep my heart on my
Jesus, my Treasure within, or did it become entangled with affections for

— Did my heart become too absorbed in the pleasures of
material things, of amusements, or of food and drink?

— Did I take time to reflect on the Passion of my
Jesus?  Did I use the different encounters of the day as occasions to
bring love, reparation and relief to Him?  Jesus suffers immensely
from human ingratitude.  Did I thank Him often for myself and for

— Other personal reflections: (i.e. What efforts have I
made to overcome my particular weaknesses and my predominant fault?

Jot down your shortcomings each night and keep them for your
next Confession.  It is not necessary to review every detail of the
above examination each night.  Once you are a little familiar with
the list you will find there are certain areas that need your particular
attention.  These you will want to focus on each night so as to work
for improvement.  Then, periodically, you will want to review the
whole examination to see what other areas need to be worked on.

Sorrow for your Faults and Offenses

Now, after having examined your conscience, think for a
moment of the sorrows and pains your infidelities have caused your Jesus,
whose love for you never ceases.  Thinking of his Passion will help
you to be sorry even for your seemingly lesser faults for which He also
suffered: “…keep the light of my Passion ever before your mind …
Then, considering the cause for which I suffered so many immense pains,
which was sin, your littlest defects will seem grave to you.”
(Vol. 2:
Sept. 2, 1899).  Be aware, too, that, having received the immense
Gift of the Divine Will, you have more reason than others to be sorry for
your lesser faults, for: “…unto whomsoever much is given, of him much
shall be required”

(Lk. 12:48).  Then with true sorrow, make
a good Act of Contrition, resolving to make new efforts to improve.

Make your Act of Contrition in the Divine Will

My Jesus, as I sincerely beg pardon for my faults, I do so
in your Holy Will, to beg pardon in the name of all creatures for all
sins, to redo all acts of contrition in the Divine Will, and to call all
souls to acknowledge their sins and beg pardon for them.  In me I
want You to find all souls begging pardon for their sins with perfect
contrition.  With this in mind I pray:

Luisa’s Act of Contrition
(From the Divine Will Prayer Book)

My Jesus, forgive me.  I dared to offend You and to
turn myself against You in the same instant in which You loved me. 
Jesus, I repent with all my heart for having offended You; but I see that
my pain is neither sufficient nor proportionate to the gravity of my
sins.  Therefore, I pray You, I supplicate You to grant me your
affliction, so that I may be sorry with the same sorrow with which You
were sorry for my sins, sorrow that was so great and intense as to make
You sweat living Blood in the Garden of Olives.

Heavenly Mother, obtain for me from your Jesus and mine,
the longed-for forgiveness.  I resolve and I promise in the most
energetic and absolute way [with the help of your grace and the strength
of your Will] to never sin again.  Amen.

— OR

Traditional Act of

(Recommended with

O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and
I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of Heaven and I fear the
pains of Hell, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who art
all-good and deserving of all my love.  Henceforth, with the help of
Thy grace, I promise to do penance, to amend my life, to avoid sin and the
near occasions of sin.  Amen.

The Acts of Gratitude

“Gratitude is the key that opens the divine
(Vol. 5: June 6, 1903).

At this time call to mind all the good you received in
various forms throughout the day: corporal goods as well as spiritual,
joys as well as crosses.  Recall, too, any good you may have
accomplished.  Remember your nothingness, and be aware that in any
good that you did, it was God who gave you that good to do as well as the
desire and ability to do it.  Give Him thanks and praise for all,
while ever humbling yourself before Him.  Jesus says:

Always remember that I generously pour out my graces,
even in torrents, into those souls that know themselves, as long as they
remember that each thing they did was done thanks to my grace, and do not
claim anything for themselves; and as long as they appreciate them as they
should and are not only grateful to Me, but live in the continual fear of
losing every grace, gift and favor if they do not correspond to Me. 
I cannot enter into hearts that stink with pride because, being so filled

with themselves, these souls do not have even a little place in their
to put Me, and because they do not have any esteem at all for my
(Vol. 1: Chapter 6).

Above all, thank Him for the immense Gift of the Divine Will
and for every act you had the happiness of performing in It.  Then,
be sure to make these acts of gratitude in the Divine Will in order to
make them for those who fail to thank Him.  And, in his Will, run to
every soul, in all times and places, and call them to give thanks to the

2. Other Recommended Evening

Prayer for Daily

(Adapted for the Divine

Eternal Father, through the Heart of Mary and in your
Spirit of Love, I offer You, as mine, the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
with all Its Love, all Its Sufferings, and all Its Merits.

1st:  To expiate all the sins I’ve committed
this day and during all my life, and all the sins committed throughout the
world throughout time. 
Glory be….

2nd:  To purify the good I’ve done poorly this
day and during all my life, and all the good done poorly throughout
time.  Glory be….

3rd:  To supply for the good I ought to have
done, and that I have neglected this day and during all my life, and all
the good that’s been neglected throughout time — especially the neglected
good of not living and acting in the Divine Will.  Glory


Thanking Jesus and Mary for the Day’s

Sweet Mother Mary, I give You back the cross You gave to me
from Jesus with so much love this morning.  Please cover it with your
merits and His, and make it more pleasing to Him than it would have been
if I had carried it most faithfully all day long.

My Jesus, in this manner I give You back the cross,
thanking You for
it.  Please prepare for me a new cross for
tomorrow, with the greatest graces — the greatest graces Lord! — to carry
it with love, most faithfully, all day long.


Preparation for Holy Communion for the

If you have the happiness of receiving Holy Communion
tomorrow, remember that now is the time to begin your preparation. 
You may find the following aspirations useful:

— The Lord is with Thee, O most Holy Virgin.  By your
ardent longing You drew Him down from Heaven into your Heart. 
Instill also in my heart your ardent longing and an insatiable hunger for
Jesus, so that I can truly say to Him, “Come, O my Jesus, I long for
You with the Heart of Mary, your Mother and mine.”

— Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, on fire with love for us,
inflame our hearts with love for You (Prayer taught
by Our Lord to Blessed Dina Bélanger)

— My sweet Jesus, in your Divine Will, I make my own your
ineffable burning desire to give Yourself to me in Holy Communion, and I
offer it to You as my desire to receive You!  O how I await
You!  “Lord, hurry,
because I cannot go without receiving
You.  Speed up the hours, let the
sun rise now, for my heart
swoons with immense desire for Holy Communion…”
(Vol. 1: Chapter

Or, prepare yourself for Holy Communion with aspirations
from the “poverty of your heart,” prayers which most please Our

These loving aspirations you may wish to repeat after you
lie down while drifting off to sleep.


Prayer to Die in the Divine

(From the Divine Will
Prayer Book

My sweet Jesus, I want to die in your Will.  I unite
my agony to Yours; and may your Agony be my strength, my defense, my light
and the sweet smile of your forgiveness.  I place my last breath into
the last breath that You gave for me upon the Cross in order that I may
present myself before You with the merits of your own death.

Ah, my Jesus, open Heaven to me and come to meet me, to
receive me with that love with which the Father received You when You
exhaled your last breath upon the Cross.  Then in your arms, bring me
in and I will kiss You and will delight in You eternally.

My Mother, Angels and Saints, come to assist me as You
assisted at Jesus’ death.  Help me; defend me and bear me into
Heaven.  Amen.


3. Putting Your Entire Night in the Divine

Prayer to Sleep in God’s

(First paragraph taken from
the Divine Will Prayer Book)

My Jesus, I sleep with You to give the glory to the Father
that You gave Him for those that do not rest in You; and, while I sleep
together with You, I call all souls to rest in your Heart.  I intend
in my sleep to make my rounds for all the hearts of creatures to put sin
to flight and give your true rest to everyone.  And You, oh my Jesus,
do not permit that my poor soul may find any other rest, if not in your
Heart and in your Will.  Amen.

Mother Mary, I also want to sleep in your Immaculate Heart
to call all souls into that safe refuge.  And to give You the
contentment that would be yours if all did enter that safe refuge and live
their consecration in littleness, trust and abandonment, preparing them to
receive from You the inheritance of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Protect me, Lord, from all dangerous dreams while I
sleep.  Make me forget all dreams and everything else when I awake,
so I can remember only to love You, my Jesus.  My Mother, cover me
with your mantle of Purity.  My Guardian Angel, cover me with your
protecting wing.  Amen.

† † † † † † † † † † † †
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

…my Humanity, sleeping, extended Itself
over everyone, enveloping
them as with a mantle, like a hen when it
calls its chicks to come beneath
the maternal wings to make them
sleep.  …I called all my children beneath
my wings: giving to
some forgiveness for sin; to others, victory over the passions; to others,
strength in struggles; to everyone, peace and rest.  In order to give
them courage and not fear, I did it while sleeping.  Who can
a person that is sleeping?

(Vol. 13: December 23, 1921)

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † †


Be faithful and
attentive as if everything depended on you.
Be completely abandoned and
at peace as if everything depended on God.