Archbishop of Trani's arm became paralyzed as he tried to sign a letter

In 1917, Archbishop of Trani had a change of heart for the better about Luisa Piccarreta

In 1917 a new Archbishop of Trani, with jurisdiction over Corato, was appointed. His name was Archbishop Regime. Unfortunately he was influenced by some jealous local clergy who were hostile to Luisa, and therefore he was skeptical of Luisa’s reputation for sanctity. Thus he determined to sign a decree preventing priests from visiting her room and saying Mass there. As his hand approached the paper to sign it, his arm and part of his body were at once paralyzed.

Thankfully, he immediately realized the significance of his poor judgement and he asked to be taken immediately to Luisa’s home. Even before he arrived, Luisa asked a companion who was present to open the door, because God enlightened her that the bishop was coming. Supported by two priests, he entered her house for the first time. As soon as she saw him, Luisa asked Archbishop Regime for his blessing. At that moment he was able to raise his arm and bless her as if nothing had happened. He was instantly cured!

photo credit: access.denied via photopin cc