About the Divine Will

“The Kingdom of Heaven is near at hand, among you, within.”.

“Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven”.

IMG_0562The Will is the arena for the Kingdom.The Divine Will reigning in souls who live in It is the Kingdom . This will spread everywhere growing within us like a mustard seed.

First step is the knowledge of the gift to desire It, then to live in It, at first , on loan. This leads us to appreciate It as an unmerited, most excellent of all gifts .Gratitude leads us to desire to live always in the Divine Will , and abandoning our human will in It. Usually , people talk about living in the Divine Will , but it is helpful also to consider the Divine Will in us ,due to our Mediator of Justice , Jesus, the Word made Man, One Person , with a Divine Will and a human Will , distinct but in unity .And all this is flowing by grace received through Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces to whom she pleases , when she pleases , as she pleases.

There seems to be in most whom the Divine Will enlivens a supernatural progression from the graces received in Baptism , Communion ,Confession and Confirmation through the Total Consecration of the Perfect Devotion to Mary (of St Louis de Montfort) through the exchange of our will through the Immaculate Will of Mary into the Gift of the Divine Will, this last being totally gratuitous and unmeritable . This is therefore a free gift , and God alone and this Blessed Mother knows why it is given to some and not others .It is pure mercy as to why , when , and to whom Of all who give testimony about ninety percent have the True Devotion first , ten percent don’t .In any case , it seems clear , living the Divine Will through the Immaculate is the norm for all.

Jesus desires to give us the Gift of this Divine Will through Mary .We simply need to reciprocate this by desiring it. We ask Jesus to receive our human will and to give us in exchange His Divine Will. Then His Divine will operates in our acts ordained for the day with our will ordered in His, with Him, for Him.