Luisa Piccarreta brings a dead boy back to life by the power of Jesus

A somber occasion of a murdered son turns to joy after a miraculous healing by Jesus via the faith of Luisa Piccarreta

One day a young man was found dead, lying on the ground in a
pool of blood. When his mother heard this fatal news, she did not rush to see
her son but ran howling and disheveled to Luisa’s house where she knelt on the
doorstep, crying: “Luisa, Luisa, they’ve killed my son!“

The holy little one – as the singer called Luisa – was moved
and said: “Go and fetch your son, the Lord is giving him back to

The mother was helped to her feet and accompanied by a few
devout persons to the place where her son lay dead.

At the sight of him, ignoring the police, the mother flung
herself on the body, cradled it in her arms and kissed it desperately like the
sorrowful Mary at the foot of the cross.

But suddenly the young man opened his eyes and said: “Mammà,
sto ca nan pianger”, which means Mother, I’m here, don’t cry.

photo credit: JenavieveMarie via photopin cc