From what follows, it seems that the Vatican considers Luisa Piccarreta and her writings to be of great significance.The reason becomes obvious as we learn more about her, and what was revealed to her, in short that through her, something new and marvellous was to happen: an era was to begin in which God in His love was to pour out his Gifts in a way that had not happened since the coming of the Redeemer.

The time has now arrived. The Kingdom of the Divine Will, which is “within you” is already here in some most fortunate souls and continuously seeks more souls ready to give up their own, weak human wills in exchange for the Divine Will. These most blessed souls, chosen by their heavenly Mother, who is Queen of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, will satisfy the yearnings of the Most Holy Trinity in their unified missions of Creator -Redeemer -Sanctifier, by taking possession of the Divine Will as God’s greatest of all Gifts; and the Will of the Father will be done in them as in heaven while the world heads its way into the New Era of the Divine Sanctity-The Era of the Third Fiat of God.